Please scroll down to get a complete picture of our Mass schedule. 
The schedule changes by season and we have also listed the schedule for Holy Days and holidays. 


Weekdays | 9A followed by the Rosary

Weekends April through December
Saturday | 4:30P (Confessions 3:3oP - 4P in the chapel)
Sunday | 8:30A, 10:30A, 5:30P

Weekends January through March
Saturday | 4P & 5:30P (Confessions 3P - 3:30P in the chapel)
Sunday | 8:30A, 10:30A, 12:15P, 5:30P

Eve | 3P, 4:30P (Kids Choir), 6P (C7 - Contemporary Group), 7:30P
Day |  8:30A, 10:30A, 12:15P

Vigil | 8P
Day | 7:30A, 9A, 10:30A, 12:15P, 5:30P

Other Holy Days

Mother of God
January 1
Day | 9A & 10:30A

Ash Wednesday
7A, 9A, 10:30A, 12P, 4:30P, 7P

Palm Sunday
Vigil | Regular Saturday Schedule
Sunday | 7:30A, 9A, 10:30A, 12:15P, 5:30P

Holy Monday
Confessions 6-8P

Holy Tuesday
Tenebrae - 7:30P

Holy Thursday - Lord's Supper
7P with Adoration and Confessions to follow until 10P

Good Friday - Passion of the Lord
3P with Confessions at 4P

9A & 7P

All Saints Day
9A & 7P

All Souls Day


Immaculate Conception
December 8
9A & 7P

Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 12